How To Visit To Lake Mansarovar

How To Visit To Lake Mansarovar

Lake Mansarovar is one of the holiest lakes in Tibet. This holy lake is not that too far from the sacred peak of Kailash and is located in the western Tibet. Its important to know "How To Visit To Lake Mansarovar". Go through this full blog to get to know some more amazing facts about this holy lake.

In Tibet, this holy lake is famous as Mapham Yum Tso which factually means “invincible/unconquered turquoise lake". It’s around 110km from Hilsa (Nepal Border). From the holy Mt Kailash, this lake is only 32 Km away. This holy lake covers an area of 410 sq Km and lies at an altitude of 4590 meters/15,060 feet. This holy lake holds the title of being one of the highest lakes on the planet. This most beautiful freshwater lake is surround by massive Himalayan peaks to the south. Not just for Hindus, but also for Buddhists and followers of the indigenous Tibetan religion of Bön, the Manasarovar is a major pilgrimage destination.

Mansarovar Tibet’s Holiest Lake

At present, along with the shores of Mansarovar, there are 5 Buddhist Monasteries and out of those five Chiu Monastry is the top most popular and is located on the northwest shore of the lake. When going in the clockwise direction from the Chiu Monastery, the other monasteries are Gossul, Trugo, Yerngo, and Seralung on the north side lake, there are two other monasteries named Langbona and Cherkip. Every year, so many pilgrims cover the distance of 82 kms kora through walking around the shores of Mansarovar. If you include the monasteries of Langbona and Cherkip during your trip, the kora is slightly longer at around 90 kms. Every year, thousands of Hindus from India, visit this holy lake. The parikrama of Lake is covered by bus and it take around 3 hrs of driving.

Mansarovar Lake - Buddhist point of view

From the Buddhist point of religious view. Lake Mansarovar is associated with the legendary lake Anavatapta, the place where the mother of Buddha (Maya) is conceived, Buddha. As per another belief in Buddism, Queen Maya is use to bathe in the holy Lake Mansarovar by divine beings. And after that, she gave birth to Buddha. For both of these two reasons, Mansarovar lake holds the most auspicious and prominent position among Tibetans.

From the last 1500 years, Hindu Pilgrims have been visiting this holy lake. And they believe that the god Brahma created Mansarovar Lake. In the 4th century, the most famous poet Kalidas wrote about this holy lake that the water from the lake appears “like pearls and that to drink them removes the sins of a hundred lifetimes”. Hindus believe that bathing in this lake and drinking its holy water removes all sins, and therefore it's the part of their religious practice. Tibetans don't believe so, and therefore, they don't take bath in the lake. In 1948, some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi got scattered in Lake Mansarovar.

How to Get to Lake Mansarovar?

Visiting the holy lake Mansarovar is not so easy without having the proper planning and therefore, you need to contact the best and trustworthy travel agency such as Global Connect Hospitality. One can’t visit Lake Mansarovar without proper permits and visa. We as a Travel agent organize all your necessary required permits to get to this holy place. Consulting only a good and trustworthy travel agency like that of Global Connect hospitality can arrange such things for you. Considering the natural conditions and the climatic conditions of the western Tibet, the good time is required to get your holy tour completed without having any trouble due to weather.

Best time to go to Lake Mansarovar

If you want to visit the holy Lake Mansarovar, the best time period is between late May to late August. After late August due to heavy snow and life-threatening cold, authorities do not permit to go there. Also, all hotels and rest houses get closed during this season.

During the season, you may feel quite cold. however, but, all hotels and rest houses are open during these periods and you may visit this holy lake. The climatic condition of western Tibet varies from that of Lhasa and central Tibet. Western Tibet is very dry, and you may hardly see the heavy rain happening there.

Summary on how to visit to Lake Mansarovar

  • All travellers going to Mansarovar in Tibet must be on an organized tour through a travel agency….no exceptions.
  • Lake Mansarovar is in high altitude so proper acclimatization required is must
  • Mansarovar is the most sacred lake in Hindu religions as well as Tibetan and followers of Bön
  • The best time of year to go to Lake Mansarovar is from May to August.

Lake Mansarovar is an astonishing area of Tibet that some get to experience its beauty. For detailed information on how to visit to Lake Mansarovar, drop us an email at:

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