About Tirthpuri

Om Parvat Tirthapuri is regarded as the third most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in western Tibet. It is situated at the northwest of Mt.Kailash and the north bank of the Sutlej River, Tirthapuri(4310m) is famous for its sacred hot springs and Guru Rinpoche monastery(Tirthapuri monastery). To reach Tirthapuri one need to drive 65km west of Darchen and then 9km south of Mensi(Moincer).
According to Hindu sculptures, once a dupe demon named Bhasmasur performed the hardest and deepest penance (Tapas=self Purification) of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, Bholenath (easily to make happy God), came in front and ask Bhasmasur that He was happy by his hard penance and told Bhasmasur to ask what he desired.

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