About Yam Dwar

Om Parvat Yam Dwar is situated in Tibet (Tarboche) at elevation of approx. 15500 feet, which is 15 Kms drive from Darchen. The meaning of the Yam Dwar in Hindi language is “the gateway of the God of Death”. It is the starting point of the circumambulation of the Mount Kailash. To visit the Shiva's home, one must pass through the Yama Dwar. 'The lord of death is we called Yama and the Dwar we called as Gate this is why it’s called Yam Dwar. Yama, who brings mortal souls to his haven and make judgment of one's merit & sins. People believe that Kailash is the home of 'Demchok' (Demchok is the name of their deity). Every year, they establish a new prayer flag-pole in Tarboche.

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