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Hotels in Kailash Mansarovar

Hotels in Kailash Mansarovar

There are lots of Hotels in Darchen but One of the best Hotel in Darchen Purang County is Himalayan Kailash Hotel. Also, Its located at the foot of Mt Kailash, They are in this business since 2014. Also the best Hotels in Kailash Mansarovar.

Himalaya Kailash Hotel has total of 192 guestrooms, including 6 of Superior Single Rooms; 9 of Superior Suites; 120 of Twin Rooms; 56 of 4-person Dorm-bed Rooms, 1 of 8-person Dorm-bed Rooms. Also has 32 of rooms provided for guides & drivers.

To Sum Up, Himalaya Kailash Hotel is one of the best hotel available in Darchen at the time. The guestrooms are very spacious and comfortable. The hotel hall and guestroom are all covered with carpets. Some of the guestrooms have ventilation system, fresh air system, automatic sprinkler system and fire control system.

Himalaya Kailash Hotel has Chinese and Western buffet restaurants, cafe, foot massage, karaoke, internet etc. It has grand lobby that is very impressive and surprisingly stylish, and the comfortable rooms come with electric blanket and heater. No competition if it’s in your budget.

This is the only 4 star Hotel at the starting point of the Mt Kailash Darchen, with indoor bathroom availability has all the facilities that could be served.

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