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Some Unknown Facts About Kailash Mansarovar

According to the UN report, 27 percent of the Earth is surrounded by mountains. And when it comes to mountains or high peaks, mention of Mount Kailash is also necessary.

Mount Kailash has great importance in Hinduism, as it is also considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva.

In fact, Mount Kailash has been considered the most amazing mountain in the world. Every year many pilgrims are left to visit Lord Shiva at Kailash Mansarovar.

After seeing Kailashpati, the door of salvation opens for humans. Tight security arrangements are made here before the devotees come here.

The height of Mount Kailash is less than Everest. Its total height is slightly more than 6600 meters. Despite this, more than 7 thousand people have climbed its cavalry Everest so far, but Mount Kailash is still invincible.

Till now many attempts have been made to climb this mountain, but no one has been successful. Many scientific arguments have also been given behind this failure of climbers.

Let me tell scientists from all over the world have done research on Kailash mountain and Kailash region. Huertlij, who has done research on this, has said that climbing Kailash mountain is impossible.

Also, a second climber, Colonel R.C. Wilson said, ‘As soon as I felt that I could climb a straight path to the summit of Mount Kailash, the terrible snowfall stopped the path and made the climb impossible.

Many climbers claim that climbing Kailash mountain is impossible. Sarge Sistiakov, a mountaineer from Russia, also said, ‘When I reached very close to the mountain, my heart started beating fast. I was right in front of the mountain, which no one could climb till today. Suddenly I started feeling very weak and I started thinking that I should not stop here anymore. After that, as we came down, the mind became lighter.

Let me tell you, the last attempt to climb Mount Kailash was done about 18 years ago in the year 2001. When China allowed a team from Spain to climb Mount Kailash.

Mounting Kailash is a sacred place, so keeping in mind the faith of the people, the climbing of Mount Kailash was banned in the year 2001.

The importance of Mount Kailash is not because of its height, but because of its special shape. It is believed that the Kailash mountain shape is like a compass pointing in a wide direction.

Mount Kailash is considered the center of the earth. According to a study by Russian scientists, Kailash could be a man-made pyramid, which would have been built by someone with divine power.

Apart from this, according to another study, Mount Kailash is that Axis Mundi, which is called Cosmic Axis, World Axis or World Pillar. Let me tell you, Axis Mundi is a Latin word, which means the center of the universe. Apart from this, different places in different religions are also considered to be the center of the earth.

There are many reasons to consider Mount Kailash as the center of the earth. It is believed that Mount Kailash is the geographical center of the Earth. Second, there is a meeting of sky and earth here. Third, here is the focal point of all four directions. Fourth, to be the focal point of dialogue between God and his created creation.

It is also believed that when the snow of Mount Kailash melts, the sound of damru is heard in the whole area. It is also believed that Sakshat Shiva is present on Mount Kailash.

To the south of Kailash is the Brahma Tal with a sun-like structure, for which devotees from all over the world visit here. At the same time, one km from it. There is a demon rhythm at a distance where no one goes.

The water of the Brahma Tal is sweet, while the water of the Raksha Tal is salty. This is the reason why these creatures do not even see animals. The Brahma Taal is believed to be the center of positive energy, while, the demon rhythm is the center of negative energy.

Apart from Hinduism, Kailash Parvat has been mentioned in many other religions. It is believed that Mount Kailash is made of rhinestone on one side, ruby on the other side, gold on the third side and sapphire on the fourth side.

It is said that Mount Kailash resembles a lotus flower among 6 mountain ranges.

Everything About Kinnaur Kailash

About Kinnaur Region

Kinnaur Kailash / Kinner Kailash is a border tribal district of Himachal Pradesh of Northern State of India, lies 250 Kms away from Shimla and is located on the Hindustan Tibet Road. It bounded by Tibet on the east, Garhwal Himalaya trek on the south, Spiti Valley on the north and Kullu on the west. The Sutlej River, which rises on the southern slopes of Kailash Parvat region near Mansarovar in Tibet flows through the Kinnaur valley, which provide the charm to the area. Kinnaur Kailash is in between three largest mountain valleys like Zanskar, Himalayan and Dhauladhar. Mount Kinnaur Kailash dominates all these according to its height. Its height is around (6’050 mtrs) which is the peak.

About Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama Trek

The Kinnaur Kailash locally called as Kinner Kailash has a located in the height of 6050 meters and said to be one of the most challenging treks in the Indian Himalayan region. The most scenic and outmost regions of Himachal, located close to the Indo-Tibetan border, Kinnaur is home to the sacred Mt. Kinner Kailash, one among Panch Kailash sites. It considered as sacred site by both Hindu and Buddhist Kinnauris. Considered to be one of the mythical abodes of Lord Shiva, Kinnaur holds a great religious significance for devotees of Lord Shiva as Mt.Kinner Kailash is the area that claims of housing a 79 ft. tall Shiv Linga that fluctuates its colour for every moment. This is one of the mythical abodes of Lord Shiva and the circuit around the whole range fascinates many pilgrims every year.

Due to the valley’s closeness to Tibet, one can find a unique combination of Hinduism and Buddhism cultures. The pagoda style of architecture and monasteries are common in this area. While trekking you will see to natures beautiful creations, hanging glaciers, apple orchards, stones, high hills and many more thing which will really adventures. Some time big water streams come over to you and you will feel like heaven.

Weather: During Summer, the climate ranges from 12°C to 25°C and during Winter, the climatic conditions will lies between 1°C to 8°C.

How to Reach

By Road

National Highways – 22 is the most convenient communication network to Kinnaur. For those who can afford it, jeep and taxies are the best way to go to Kinnaur. In the alternative, take one way taxis to Kalpa or Reckong Peo and hire other taxis locally as and when needed. Buses ply regularly, except in winter and early spring when road conditions often impose long breaks.

Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation runs a number of buses to different parts of Kinnaur. There is one direct service from Shimla to Kaza plying on the Satluj valley route, which takes 24 hours. In Kinnaur, at least four bus routes connect Reckong Peo with Shimla every day and other services go to Nichar, Sangla and Pooh.

Volvo, Himachal state run buses, Delhi tourism buses and taxis can be directly hired from Delhi and Chandigarh up till Shimla or even directly to Chail. Further, cab can be availed to reach Thangi.

By Air

Nearest airport is located in Shimla, there many direct flight from Delhi and Chandigarh Airport. Buses and taxis can easily opted from Shimla Airport to reach Chail.

By Rail

There is no Rail service to Kinnaur and the nearest Railway Station at Shimla is connected by a narrow gauge line from Kalka (96Km.) Kalka is the nearest railway station connected through Delhi and Chandigarh railway stations, which will take 5 – 6 hours of journey. Then one can opt local buses or taxi’s to reach Chail or Shimla.

How To Visit To Lake Mansarovar

Lake Mansarovar is one of the holiest lakes in Tibet. This holy lake is not that too far from the sacred peak of Kailash and is located in the western Tibet. Go through this full blog to get to know some more amazing facts about this holy lake.

In Tibet, this holy lake is known as Mapham Yum Tso which factually means “invincible/unconquered turquoise lake”. It’s around 110km from Hilsa (Nepal Border). From the holy Mt Kailash, this lake is only 32 Km away. This holy lake covers an area of 410 sq Km and lies at an altitude of 4590 meters/15,060 feet. This holy lake holds the title of being one of the highest lakes on the planet. This most beautiful freshwater lake is surrounded by massive Himalayan peaks to the south. Not just for Hindus, but also for Buddhists, and followers of the indigenous Tibetan religion of Bön, the Manasarovar is a major pilgrimage destination.

Mansarovar Tibet’s Holiest Lake

At present, along with the shores of Mansarovar, there are 5 Buddhist Monasteries, and out of those five Chiu Monastry is the top most popular, and is located on the northwest shore of the lake. When going in the clockwise direction from the Chiu Monastery, the other monasteries are Gossul, Trugo, Yerngo, and Seralung on the north side lake, there are two other monasteries named Langbona and Cherkip. Every year, so many pilgrims cover the distance of 82 kms kora through walking around the shores of Mansarovar. If you include the monasteries of Langbona and Cherkip during your trip, the kora is slightly longer at around 90 kms. Every year, thousands of Hindus from India, visit this holy lake. The parikrama of Lake is covered by bus and it take around 3 hrs of driving.

From the Buddhist point of religious view, Lake Mansarovar is associated with the legendary lake Anavatapta, the place where the mother of Buddha (Maya) is conceived, Buddha. As per another belief in Buddism, Queen Maya was made to bathe in the holy Lake Mansarovar by divine beings, and after that, she gave birth to Buddha. For both of these two reasons, Mansarovar lake holds the most auspicious and prominent position among Tibetans.

From the last 1500 years, Hindu Pilgrims have been visiting this holy lake, and they believe that the lake was created by the god Brahma. In the 4th century, the most famous poet Kalidas wrote about this holy lake that the water from the lake appears “like pearls and that to drink them removes the sins of a hundred lifetimes”. Hindus believe that bathing in this lake and drinking its holy water removes all sins, and therefore it’s the part of their religious practice. Tibetans don’t believe so, and therefore, they don’t take bath in the lake. In 1948, some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi got scattered in Lake Mansarovar.

How to Get to Lake Mansarovar?

Visiting the holy lake Mansarovar is not so easy without having the proper planning, and therefore, you need to contact the best and trustworthy travel agency such as Global Connect Hospitality. One can’t visit Lake Mansarovar without proper permits and visa. We as a Travel agent organize all your necessary required permits to get to this holy place. Consulting only a good and trustworthy travel agency like that of Global Connect hospitality can arrange such things for you. Considering the natural conditions and the climatic conditions of the western Tibet, the good time is required to get your holy tour completed without having any trouble due to weather.

Best time to go to Lake Mansarovar

If you want to visit the holy Lake Mansarovar, the best time period is between late May to late August. After late August due to heavy snow and life-threatening cold, authorities do not permit to go there. Also, all hotels and rest houses get closed during this season.

During the season, you may feel quite cold, however, but, all hotels and rest houses are open during these periods, and you may visit this holy lake. The climatic condition of western Tibet varies from that of Lhasa and central Tibet. Western Tibet is very dry, and you may hardly see the heavy rain happening there.

Summary on how to visit to Lake Mansarovar

  • All travellers going to Mansarovar in Tibet MUST be on an organized tour through a travel agency….no exceptions.
  • Lake Mansarovar is in high altitude so proper acclimatization required is must
  • Mansarovar is the most sacred lake in Hindu religions as well as Tibetan and followers of Bön
  • The best time of year to go to Lake Mansarovar is from May to August.

Lake Mansarovar is an astonishing area of Tibet that some get to experience its beauty. For detailed information on how to visit to Lake Mansarovar, drop us an email at:

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra booking

Kailash Mansarovar “The home of Lord Shiva” is such a place where every real Hindus want to visit, and therefore the best Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Booking is required. But, before you go for the booking, you must know some basic requirements. If you are unable to fulfil those, please don’t go for the booking, otherwise, you may be end-up wasting your time and money both. Also, you will see the comparison between the government Kailash Tour Package and the Private companies Kailash Tour Packages, and what care you should take when booking.

Some Basic Requirements for Kailash Yatra Booking.

  • You must be between 18 to 70 years of age.
  • You should not have medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, etc. Also, you need to carry the proof for the same.
  • If you are suffering from the height-phobia, please don’t go for the booking.
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) must not be more than 27. The formula to calculate to Body Mass Index (BMI) is BMI= Your body weight/ (Your height in Meter) ²
  • You should not be suffering from any major Contagious diseases.
  • You must have a valid Passport valid for the next 6 months from the date of the journey.

Kailash Tour package through Gov. Vs Kailash Tour Package through Private companies.

  • Booking the Mansarovar tour through the government may not guarantee you the visit. It’s because of the process of selection which is “Lottery System”. But, if you book the Kailash Mansarovar tour through the private companies, you will not face any such hurdle.
  • If booking the tour package through the government, it may take you around 26 days to complete the tour. Also, you may need to do a lot of walking. But, if you book through the Private companies, the complete tour ma hardly takes 8 to 10 days with very little walking.
  • The quality of shelter and food that are provided under the government plan are generally very poor. But, if booking through the private companies, they provide you the high standard food and shelter.
  • The amount you paid to the government is strictly non-refundable under all conditions. But, the book the Mansarovar Yatra Package through the private companies, you are eligible to get some part your payment under some unforeseen circumstance.

Since there are so many fraud companies too, therefore before purchasing the Kailash package, you must check to the authenticity of the company.

How to check the authenticity of the Travel company?

  • Companies must have a good, well maintained, and premium website. You should not trust those having not any online presence, or having the free website.
  • Search for the company’s reputation on Google by simply typing “Company Name Fraud” or “Company Name Scam”. If you find a lot of complains, and not any satisfactory reply from the company there, please don’t trust the company.
  • The company should be registered, so ask for the registration number, and check the same. Also, the company may be paying the tax, so ask for the taxation number, and check the same.

I hope that the post may be informative, and you may like it for sure.

You Must Know The Things About Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

At the height of 22,000 feet, the Great Mount Kailash holds the holiest position in Hinduism. The place is a part of the Trans-Himalaya in Tibet. High altitude and remote location in western Tibet make this place hard to visit. Therefore, only a few thousand pilgrims are able to complete the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra every year. Elevation of 6638 m and prominence of 1319 m make this parvat really breathtaking to visit. But, it’s nothing for Bholey bhaktas, and the divine power of Bholey make them complete this Yatra with ease.

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Circumambulation of Mt. Kailash and holy dip in the Mansarovar Lake, are the two main things to do. It is believed if you complete these two things, it will wash out all your sins. You will feel the real peace, and spirituality by completing Yatra.

The yatra can be done on foot and transportation modes such Land Cruisers, luxury AC buses, and helicopters. All age groups are not allowed to visit the place, and you must be of age between 18 to 70 to get to that place. This Kailash Yatra Package can booked earlier to get the permission from all the authorities. We preform Kailash Mansarovar Yatra through a private tour operator in Nepal.

Different Routes of Kailash Mansarovar.

By Helicopter:– The most comfortable route of this Kailash Yatra is through the helicopter. You can start your yatra from Lucknow and Kathmandu. This Yatra of Kailash Ji can be completed in 9 nights and 10 days.

By Road/Overland:– This route of Kailash Mansarovar starts from Kathmandu. It takes total of 13 nights and 14 days. In this route all distance will be covered by road on a luxury bus.

The Parikrama

After reaching the Mount Kailash, pilgrims may circumambulate the Mt. Kailash. Walk around a Mount Kailash is called Parikarma. If someone is unable to do it on foot, he/she may hire a yak or a pony from Yam Dwar.

Mythological Significance

The place is highly auspicious for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Bon. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva, along with his wife Parvati, resides at the peak of Mount Kailash in a state of meditation. In Jainism, Kailash is the holy place where the first Jain Tirthankara reached to the state of Nirvana. The place is also believed to be the place where the Buddha, represents supreme bliss, resides. For Bon (a religion which predates Buddhism in Tibet), the entire region is full of spiritual power and divine beauty.

Lake Mansarovar

Kailash Mansarovar Lake is at the foot of the sacred Mount Kailash and about at height of around 4500 m from the ground. It’s auspicious to be there at the highest freshwater lake in the world. Located in Tibet (China). This holy lake occupies the prominent place in the yatra, and the yatra could not complete without having the visit there. It is believed that this lake changes color. Being clear blue in color near the shores, it changes to an emerald green color towards the center. In the moonlight, the beauty of this lake will surely make you stunned.


Other Major Attractions

Other than Lake Mansoravar, some other attractions of the yatra for travellers here, are Tirthapuri–where you may enjoy bathing in hot spring pool, Yam Dwar–the initial point from where visitors start the parikrama, Gauri Kund–also named as the Lake of Compassion, Tarboche (Most auspicious part of Tibetan spirituality)–the flagpole with numerous prayer flags, and Asthapad–the holy bottom place of sacred mountain.

Medical/Physical Fitness For Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Planning for Kaialsh is one of the most auspicious things in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and for all devotees of Lord Shiva. This holy place must be visited for at least once in a lifetime. Before deciding to have the auspicious Kailash journey, you must know about precautionary measures that must be taken before, during, and after the journey.

So here, I have mentioned some important points that you must remember before going to Kailash Yatra.

1. No medical certificate is required by the govt authorities though, but you should be physically fit to do this journey, and you must consult a doctor once before planning this.

2. Doing Kailash Yatra in a better way is all about how good you can walk on foot, and so if you are not so habituated of walking on foot, you are recommended to do some physical practices like daily Morning and evening walk of around 4 -5 KM, some basic Yogas, and Pranayams like Bghastrika,Anulom Vilom, Kapal-Bharti and so on. Doing such practices enhance your body efficiency to work better under the worst conditions, and so you may not have any problem when doing the travel.

3. Also, you should carry some basic things with you if you are planning to have the Kailash Mansarover Yatra. These things are:-

  • Personal medical kit
  • Diamox tablet (for high altitude)
  • Sunglasses for protecting your eyes from UV, which is especially strong in high altitudes.
  • Sunblock or sunscreen lotion.
  • Wet tissues for wiping off the dust.

4. For more comfortably, you must plan your travel with the help of the best online tourism guide because they take care of all your needs that you may need when going to this yatra. When it comes to choosing the best online travel guide, none other than Global Connect Hospitality may provide you the better services in tourism, and make your journey more comfortable and cheerful.

Doing the Yatra by adopting all the above-mentioned suggestions, will make your journey trouble-free, enjoy full, and you may feel the true purification of your soul.

Wishing You a Happy Yatra. “Jai Shiv Sambhu”.

Mansarovar Lake the land of Spiritual Beauty.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra an incredibly mystical trip where one can achieve the blessings of almighty Lord Shiva. People of different religious communities participate in this sacred excursion where adventure comes with a tinge of faith, Spirituality, Religion, Beliefs, and Devotion.

The time came to begin the spiritual break when you reach the destinations Mansarovar Lake. During drive to Lake Mansarovar, you will also get a short sight of Rakshas Tal (Demon’s Lake) which is on the other side of the lake. Kailash Parvat and Mansarovar Lake is described as Utmost Holy Lake where it is supposed that the Lords Shiva and Indra swam as swans. It is really hard to reach such a high altitude, which is why very few pilgrims are able to do the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

The holiness of the place soaked into us when we took a holy dip in Mansarovar Lake. It is the amazing experiences for all the pilgrims. One can get the holy water of Kailash Mansarovar to home as well. The Mansarovar lake is a spiritual beauty of the Natures.

कैलाश मानसरोवर यात्रा खर्च २०१९

कैलाश मानसरोवर यात्रा करने वाले श्रद्धालुओं का रजिस्ट्रेशन शुरू हो गया है। इस यात्रा का प्रति व्यक्ति खर्चा १.६० लाख से सुरु होता है ।
यह यात्रा आप लखनऊ और काठमांडू से शुरू कर सकते है । लखनऊ से कैलाश मानसरोवर की यात्रा १० दिनों का समय लगता है । इस पैकेज में आपका परमिट, वीसा, ठहरने, खाने, पिने और आने जाने का पूरा खर्चा शामिल होता है।
इसके अलावे आपको कंपनी की तरफ से कॉम्प्लिमेंट्री एक बड़ा बैग, एक छोटा पिट्ठू बैग और एक जैकेट दिया जाता है । लखनऊ से कैलाश जी की यात्रा सबसे काम समय में पूरा किया जाता है ।

What a Pilgrimage to Kailash Really Means

This is not a tour. you can say it adventure trek. If you are a trekker, you wear the mountain path a little more than it already is. If you are a pilgrim, you do not go there to wear the mountain path – you go there to wear yourself down. In some way, you must become less than who you think you are. Only then, there is a pilgrimage. Otherwise, it is a silly trek, because this is not much of a trek anyway.

If you want to be a pilgrim, not a tourist, one thing is you must control your cellphone use. If you wanted to see Kailash on your cellphone, I would have sent you a picture. Why should you come all the way to take a picture? We will send you one hundred spectacular images of Manasarovar and Kailash, taken with the best cameras, by the best photographers. I do not want you to pull out your silly cellphone and keep shooting Kailash. That is not the way of a pilgrim. You come to Kailash Yatra for transformation, not for accumulation.

Kailash Mansarovar Pilgrims Cross Over To China From Nathu-La

The first batch of the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims crossed over to china. That batch had 31 pilgrims and two liaison officers. They all successfully crossed over to border through nathu-la in Sikkim today. This is the first batch of pilgrims going via Nathu-La route. Pilgrimage were stopped after the Dokalam dispute. India and China had agreed in April to resume the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra through the route. Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh had in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha. He said the yatra for 2018 though Nathu-La would take place between June and September.

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