About Kailash Parvat

About Kailash Parvat

About Kailash Parvat

Kailash Parvat is not just a mountain and neither it is just a religious place like most other religious places. But, it's the home of the god of all gods itself. And so this Kailash Parvat keeps the prestige among Hindus. In Hinduism, Shiva is God of all gods and so devotees name him Devo ke dev "Mahadev". This Kailash Parvat is home of that almighty god. Once the name of shiva gets attached to any places or things, those places and things get the supreme beauty and there are no letters in Hindi or English or even in any language to describe the same. It does not require any proof. Now, since this Kailash Parvat is home of shiva, so you may imagine how beautiful it is in every aspect.

It is not just his home, but as per Hindu mythology, it's the place where Lord Shiva do his Saaadhna all the time. You should know that Shiva is the supreme yogi, and so we call him Mahayogi Shiva. Therefore, this place is the center of Yog Sadhna, and so keep a totally different position among Hindus. You may also consider this place as the top holy place among Hindus.

Not only, Shiva, this place is also home of goddess Durga, Ganesha, and Kartika. You should know that the Goddess Durga is the goddess of power or energy, and without energy nothing is possible. So, from this aspect too, this mountain holds a prominent position. Also, God Ganesha, who is the "God of creation or Start-up', and without the will of him, you cannot start or create anything. That's why we worship Lord Ganesha before starting any auspicious work. Therefore, this place becomes additional beautiful and holiest this way too.

This holy mountain is situated in Tibet, and have a holy lake Manasarovar. As per faith, the holiest lake to bath to wash-out all your sin.

The mountain is around 6638 m tall, and have prominence 1319 m. Weather is very cold always, and you will see the mountain covered with snow all the time.

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